Billboard Taken Down After One Day

Have you ever seen an ad wondering why anyone would ever think to make it, even post it for millions and millions of people to see? One ad, which caught many people’s attention, was the ad with an African American girl that reads the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb. Here is a news article that was presented to the public about the controversial ad.

This billboard, which was on a 3 story building in SoHo Manhattan, was taken down after only one day because of the controversy it caused. Not only does it present the controversial issue of abortion it targets African Americans. This ad presented that many African American women choose to have an abortion, and did not include other races.  It is targeting colored people, saying that they are the ones getting an abortion, killing an unborn fetus even though other women go through this procedure as well. Advertisers of this billboard are making African American’s seem like they are murders, and this is racist. The ad gave off the impression that African American’s are dangerous and this is what caused so much talk about how wrong this billboard was, and I agree with its offensiveness.

Since this billboard was so offensive, it quickly was taken away. The anti-abortion Life Always group, which can be read about on this link: was addressed for making this controversial ad. However, I would like to inform them of my opinion on their unethical and offensive ad being a viewer of the billboard.

Dear Life Always Group,

I get how you are trying to tell people abortion is wrong, but your ad of this African American girl and quote, “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb” is absolutely wrong. It is both unethical and offensive to African American’s. We are supposed to be a country of equality and this ad was not presented to be equal at all. You are targeting African American’s, saying they are the ones who abort children and not other races, which in fact they do. African American’s are being treated unfairly and the ad is making it seem like they are the bad guys, killing unborn fetuses.

Being a viewer of this ad I am concerned that the advertisement went to far.  However, I am glad this billboard was taken down. You as an anti-abortion group have to present your facts better if you want to show an anti-abortion ad. It is not right to target African American’s for an action other people of all races do as well all over this country.

Sincerely, Courtney Pons

Ashton Kutcher: A Lying, Cheating, and Unfaithful Husband?

There have always been cheating scandals in Hollywood and bad publicity of celebrities all through media outlets from magazines to entertainment news shows. When it came up that Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife Demi Moore of 6 years, media outlets couldn’t get enough of the this story. This cheating scandal had media presenting negative publicity about Kutcher and how unfaithful he was to his wife.

News of Kutcher’s cheating ways was first introduced last September where a popular magazine, Star reported him having an affair with a 21 year-old brunette. It was later found out that the woman was Brittney Jones and according to the website Radar Online, the pair hooked up in Ashton Kutcher’s and Demi Moore’s house on their couch.

A year later during September of 2011 another cheating scandal came out, with more details and more believability presented by the media. Was this scandal true? Did Aston Kutcher cheat on Demi Moore? This was big news that hit Hollywood and media outlets didn’t stop covering Kutcher and his alleged affair. was the first media outlet that introduced the story that Kutcher supposedly hooked up with 23 year-old Sara Leal. After this website surfaced the story, more and more media were spreading the news.  Magazine after magazine had new front-page covers and new stories stating that Kutcher was caught cheating on Demi on their anniversary. Here is just one magazine article, which gives all the details of the alleged affair and here is a newspaper article stating the affair as well. This video also talks about Kutcher’s mistress. These are just the few media outlets giving Kutcher bad publicity.

After the alleged cheating, people began to wonder if Kutcher and Moore were going to get a divorce because of how much coverage this incident got.  Questions were answered on November 17, just two months after the alleged affair when Demi filed for a divorce. The cheating was actually true? We don’t really know yet since it still is such a recent story, but is very likely. TMZ’s article reported that the cheating scandal was to blame for divorce. Here is a video from TV, which talks about the couple’s divorce in more detail.

Kutcher has been receiving bad publicity ever since. He also is receiving bad publicity over unauthorized advertisements in his new role in Two and a Half Men. According to E! Online Kutcher managed to sneak advertisements onto his character’s laptop on the second episode he was on. The stickers on Kutcher’s laptop promote social media websites like Foursquare, Flipboard and GroupMe, which Kutcher has financial stakes in all of these companies featured on the Laptop. CBS stated that they had nothing to do with these advertising tactics. Kutcher is being looked at as sneaky, and receiving negative publicity for doing this little stunt.

Some people say all this bad publicity in the cheating scandal was just to promote his new role in the show Two and a Half Men. Either way, it is just too much coverage by the media and Ashton Kutcher should have his right to privacy. Campaigns need to be made that show Ashton Kutcher is a good guy and that he is being looked down on upon more than he should be from all the negative media being directed towards him.

To reverse the negative publicity I think we need to show how good of an actor Ashton Kutcher is. With his new role in Two and a Half Men out  and new movie New Year’s Eve coming out, we can show how hard he’s worked on both jobs. We should take his acting in more consideration rather than his personal life, because that’s why he’s famous; because of how well of an actor he is not because of his personal life. Magazines, websites, and entertainment news shows should show how hardworking Kutcher is, and that his career is most important to him. These media outlets should also showcase all the work he has done in the past years, from acting to all the charities he donates to such as Habitat For Humanity and St Jude’s Research Hospital.  This campaign can show how successful and thoughtful he is in his life.

The campaign can also compare him to the crazy Charlie Sheen whose spot he pretty much took over in Two In A Half Men. Kutcher didn’t do anything nearly as badly as Sheen, and it is still not actually proven that Kutcher cheated on Demi.  The campaign can showcase how in love Ashton and Demi were from presenting pictures of them happy together.  After making these assumptions the campaign can state how Demi and Ashton’s marriage ended because of long distance with both of their work schedules. The campaign can show both of their work schedules and how hard it is to keep a long distance marriage with barley seeing each other.

The new campaign can backfire though. The alleged mistress could start talking again, and Demi can start talking about her and Kutcher’s failed marriage. It can quite well be proven that Kutcher did cheat on his wife, and that they did not get divorced because of their work schedules. Lying to the public is unethical, but as of now, no one really knows why the divorce happened other than the alleged cheating.

Either way Kutcher did tweet about Demi saying, “I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail”. This shows that Kutcher did do something right during his time of bad publicity. He is showing that no matter what, he cares about Demi and had an amazing, unforgettable marriage with her.

Easy Breezy Beautiful COVERGIRL

Want those beautiful lashes, those luscious lips, and that flawless skin?  After seeing a COVERGIRL ad, you instantly can achieve these looks; at least that’s what the COVERGIRL campaign says.  All COVERGIRL ads leave you wanting these perfections in order to achieve a flawless look that every woman desires.  After using their products you not only look beautiful, but you’re saving money because of how cheap these products are compared to other make-up brands.  Like COVERGIRL ads say, you can get the department store beautiful for less.

COVERGIRL uses all different media in order to advertise their make-up.  Television commercials, the radio, billboards, and magazines are all the media COVERGIRL uses in order to get their campaign across to audiences.  These audiences are woman of all races and all different ages.  There are different campaigns using different women of different races and age for the makeup so the product can be sold.  Each campaign is effective towards these demographics because of how each ad is presented for the target audience.

COVERGIRL uses the Famous Person Testimonial when you see celebrities advertising these make-up products.  These celebrities include woman as young as Taylor Swift to older celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres.  Other celebrities include Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria, and more.  Each of these woman present different demographics from age and race so that all woman are attracted to COVERGIRL products.


Even though there are different spokespeople for ads, each campaign has the same thing in common, which is to promote the beauty COVERGIRL gives to each user of their makeup.   When you see these flawless celebrities on each ad, you want to be as attractive as them so you buy the product they are using, in hope you can achieve this look.  For example Drew Barrymore is using a new mascara in this commercial.  After watching this commercial women see how beautiful Drew Barrymore’s lashes are and how they want their lashes to look like hers, so they buy the product not only because of how long and luscious her eyelashes look but also because of how she is a beautiful celebrity.

Other than celebrities, models from America’s Next Top Model are shown in these ads as well.  Americas Next Top Model promises the winner a 100,000 partnership with COVERGIRL.  Doing this, these models are in ads in magazines and T.V. commercials as well.   The television show Americas Next Top Model can be considered part of the campaign COVERGIRL presents as well.

COVERGIRL is also promoting itself online now as well. COVERGIRL has its own website  Here you can look at all the products offered and get tips from cover girl experts.  On this website you can also find your color match which takes in consideration all of your personal traits from hair color to eye color, to show you the best makeup to use for yourself.

Not only does COVERGIRL have its own website but a commercial from this year that Taylor Swift is in, introduces the website,  The commercial which Taylor Swift is in can be seen at is now letting Facebook users access COVERGIRL’s Facebook page to look at more products offered and to sign up for My COVERGIRL, where you have chances to win free products.  These online websites are enlarging COVERGIRL’s campaign and making COVERGIRL more and more successful.

All of the campaigns COVERGIRL uses through media like television commercials, the radio, billboards, and magazine are very effective towards their target audience of women.  Each woman wants to achieve the look they see on the ad, whether it is Drew Barrymore’s eyelashes, Rihanna’s lips, or Taylor Swift’s complexion.  Using this makeup tells audiences they are beautiful and that’s what every woman wants to hear.  There slogan, “Easy Breezy Beautiful COVERGIRL” that is presented in every ad of COVERGIRL gets the point across of how easy and cheap it is to buy, with beautiful results for their audiences.

Here is a radio ad for COVERGIRL as well, where you still can imagine what the product being sold does and how woman can instantly want to buy it without even seeing the makeup being advertised.  Wouldn’t you want to buy the product after hearing this? I would.

All different types of media are successful in selling COVERGIRL products from how persuasive each ad is. This is why COVERGIRL has been around for years and woman keep buying their products.

A New Book, A New Outlook On Life

Who would’ve thought words on paper binded with a cover could change your life forever. One book can catch your attention and teach you something that could make a difference for the rest of your life.

Books are a vital part of our lives ever since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in 1453. Even though books don’t get acknowledged that much anymore and are over looked because of new technology, they are one of the most important forms of media in our lives. Not only do books entertain us, but they teach us and have been making significant impacts in peoples lives all over the world.

Books can teach us all different things from the morals they show all the way to how to cook a delicious apple pie.  What did you ever learn from a book? You had to learn something from what you have read. One book that particularly caught my attention and taught me something, was To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  This book impacted my life from the minute I finished it. Not only did this book keep me interested through all 31 chapters, but it did something that no other book did for me, it changed my perception of things in life from all the morals presented.

To Kill A Mockingbird made a significant difference in my life. At first, when I received it to read junior year in high school I thought to myself what another pointless book I’m going to have to read for this class, however I was wrong. It’s so ironic how I could say don’t judge a book by its cover because that is exactly what I learned from this book.

To Kill A Mockingbird is fiction, the characters are made up and the story is not real. However, it is based on real life experiences and does take place in a real era and setting. This book had many different stories inside of one. The biggest issue was that of an African American, Tom Robinson who was charged for the rape of a white woman Mayella Ewell. Even though evidence pointed against Tom, and made him look not guilty, he was charged of being guilty because he was black in a time of inequality. Readers see how evil people in society could be just because of how a person looks on the outside. People have to not judge a book by its cover, because a person is their own person, and not what people in a society perceive of them.

I think this book had such an impact on me because I didn’t realize how cruel people could be. Even though I knew it wasn’t appropriate to discriminate people before I read this book, it taught me more then that. It taught me there are people in life that are discriminating, people who are mean to people just because of their color or of how they are portrayed in society. To Kill A Mockingbird made me want to be the better person in society, and never be viewed as being discriminating.

After reading this book I realized that I like a book that can focus on a story of how people can learn from other peoples actions. Now when I read today, I always see if I can learn something useful in life ever since I have been taught such a moral that everyone should live by.

Not only is To Kill A Mockingbird an interesting story, but it also teaches us about a time of inequality in U.S. history. Reading this book made me a better person, a person to not judge anything or anyone before I get to know them. It grabbed my attention and caught my heart from such an emotional story of how people could act cruel towards another person.  It’s terrible how people can act like this, and I don’t want to ever be like one of these people. This book made a significant difference in my life and will always be apart of how I live everyday.

Growing Up In The Magical World

Princes, princesses, castles, love, and magic is what I was bombarded with as a little girl. No matter what I did or said it probably was about things in a magical world. This is because when I was a little girl Disney is what I grew up on. Growing up in this Disney culture influenced me that the main goal in life is to be a pretty princess and marry a prince. I would pretend to be a princess by dressing up and acting like one. Even every Halloween I would dress up as a new princess, one year I would be Cinderella and the next be Belle. This is basically like every other girl who watched Disney movies growing up.

Even though most of us grow up on Disney as children, it does more then entertain it influences. Growing up on Disney creates a culture for us to live in. This can become a problem for little children, especially girls. Like I said before most girls’ dream of being princesses, even though many people look past it, it can become a problem.

We are getting an image that being pretty is essential and that is how we succeed in life and get a charming guy. Like every princess movie Disney creates, the women are pretty and the men are handsome. Not only is women being portrayed as pretty, they are being portrayed as weak, in the sense that the man has to help her. For example in Sleeping Beauty, the man has to save her by giving her a kiss.

We also see these characters using their body to get what they want. A good example is of Jasmine using her charming looks to distract the genie. Not only does this set expectations for each sex, it shapes how we live in our culture. We see women as using their looks to get what they want, and this isn’t healthy. Girls have to realize they shouldn’t rely on their looks to succeed.

Other then the expectation Disney gives off,Disney is known for giving off subliminal messages. These messages all have to do with sex and sexual images. Why? I can’t answer this, but it is seen in various ways throughout Disney’s animated movies. In Lion King viewers can see the world sex in the sky or in a more recent film, Tangled, where we see the word sex it in her hair for the ad of the movie. Here are some more subliminal messages Disney uses: After seeing these, we wonder why is Disney giving off the concept of sex at such a young age.

Almost everyone in our culture has seen a Disney movie, but what he or she doesn’t realize is that it shapes how we grow up. Being given these messages at such a young age can shape how we grow up and present ourselves in the future. Overall, the impact of Disney in our world is very convincing and gives an outlook for how someone should be in the real world.

Facebook: The Website We Can’t Get Enough Of

Sitting writing this blog, and of course that one window I always go back and forth to: Facebook. You too are probably on it, have a tab opened of it, or have notifications being sent your phone at this very moment. This is how much Facebook is apart of our life. This popular social networking website isn’t even a website to go on for fun or waste time anymore, its now becoming a daily routine for us to do everyday. Whether it is to go on to check your newsfeed, post on your friends’ walls, check friends statuses or pictures, Facebook is becoming a vital part of our life that is impacting us tremendously.

Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon that more then 800 million people are using. Whether its adults or children, studies have shown how addictive this form of social media is. Spending hours each day on it leads to addiction which one in every three users have. This social networking site has been impacting users lives ever since their first login. Once on your hooked, you cant get enough of it.

The major issue of the overuse of Facebook is presented the article For Students, What Is the “Facebook Effect” on Grades?. This article shows the effects of Facebook on a student. Yeah, they are are beneficial uses to Facebook which is presented in the article saying that a student feels more connected to school activities and peers. However the major issue is that the overuse of Facebook is having a huge impact on these students’ grades. The article mentions that while studying for a test students who multitask and use Facebook have gotten 20% lower graded then students who just study with no use of Facebook.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed. Students have become so hooked to Facebook, that it effecting their grades. I myself had this problem while studying for a test, saying I just need a break and then end up on Facebook for more time then I intended to. Facebook is interfering with work time for school and people need help. Students even admit to being addicted to Facebook saying they always have to
know what’s happening on Facebook. This is a sign of addiction.

In an article I found while researching about the impact of Facebook, I came across an interesting page, This article explains Facebook addiction disorder, and gives a list of symptoms that show if someone is addicted to Facebook. The 6 main points the article covers is tolerance, withdrawal symptom, reduction of normal social/recreational activities, virtual dates, fake friends, and complete addiction. It explains that the first sign of addiction is that whatever a person is doing on computer a window of Facebook will be opened. The last sign explains that people are completely addicted and make a Facebook for a pet and also only interact on Facebook, and barley interacts with people with face to face.

It’s crazy how much Facebook is affecting our lives especially our communication skills. People are just using Facebook to talk to people rather then in person. This is a problem and social skills are being affected. It’s easier to talk to people online but when people see each other in person blank stares come about. I could relate to this first hand because some people go on and on on Facebook but then in person they’ll have nothing to say and stand there not socializing with others. This shows that Facebook is affecting social skills; people need to realize there is a better way to interact, face to face.

Facebook is creating a huge impact for people all over the world whether it is academically, socially, or for whatever other reasons. It is affecting us mentally and this issue needs to be treated like any other addiction. Users of the social networking site have to overcome this “daily-routine” in life and focus on what’s more important like grades, rather then looking at pictures their friends posted from the weekend.

Here is a video I found on Youtube that I found interesting in regards to Facebook: An Appealing Website For Children

TV shows, themselves are appealing, but what appeals to audiences more is what they are trying to advertise. There are always TV shows that try to advertise and promote something. Now with the Internet being such a huge part in our world, TV shows advertise websites. These websites are dedicated towards the TV show that promote them. While thinking of a website that appeals to an audience from a TV program I think when I was babysitting, I always watched a show on Nickelodeon called iCarly. This TV show promotes their website for audiences to go on.’s website (  is a website which children who enjoy the show can go on, and receive more entertainment. This website is appealing to children from the bright colors and pictures on the homepage. It looks fun and is so easy to use. On the homepage it gives a list of what users can do. Through this website, users are able to read blogs, look at pictures, read news, watch videos, play games, listen to music, and send videos. You can also have a chance to be included in the TV show by posting things on this website in hopes you get chosen.

I think this website is successful because young children are drawn into it. It is very interactive from all the available features included. Being a babysitter I know that the kids I babysit love to go on this website just to look at pictures being posted, or to read the blogs made by the cast members. Users can even comment on these blogs and say what they enjoyed reading. Not only is this beneficial, it gives more information about the show without even watching it. The website includes some pictures from scenes not included in the show, which many children enjoy to see.

Other then this, the games that are available are fun to play and include concepts of
the TV show. For example there is a smoothie place that the characters always go to, and one of these games settings is there. There are a huge variety of games to play so if you aren’t interested in one, you have several other choices.

The one thing I can think to improve this website is to have an online chat where children can discuss about the TV program. Enabling this feature, the users can discuss things about the TV show. For example, if they liked the new episode and what their favorite parts of it was or talking about their favorite character. I think this could help audiences share thoughts and create bonds with other iCarly users. is a successful website because it brings TV audiences to explore the other entertainment values of  the idea of this show. The website is entertainment but it is also informational, and has participatory values which each user can enjoy using.

That “Perfect” Image

Skinny, beautiful, flawless: every woman’s dream.  Why though?  One simple answer to this women’s ambition is advertising.  “Ads sell more then products they sell values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality”, Jean Kilbourne says in her film Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women. In this film Kilbourne challenges the media, which provokes the image of women in ads.  Ads tell us that the most important thing in the world for women is how we present ourselves and how we look.

In my opinion this film gave me more then I anticipated.  I knew I would be informed about how ads are making women look like, however I was shocked at how much an ad can influence a women and how these images are plain right not healthy advertising for women.

The ideal way of how women want to look is influenced by the surrounding images of ideal female beauty in our culture.  Women in our culture strive to achieve the thin look, no wrinkles, no blemishes, and just flawlessness because that is what we see in ads.  If we don’t have this look, us as women are ashamed and feel guilty in the sense that we fail the “look” of beauty in our society.

However this look is impossible to achieve, even the women in the ad doesn’t achieve it.  Yes that’s right, not even in the ad does the women look like how she is presented.  The use of Photoshop is used in pretty much every picture we see, whether it is formatting the image for the women to look skinner then she already is or even using different people’s physical features to make one beautiful women.  Here is a women that is photo shopped and placed in an ad for Dove that Kilbourne shows us:  This video shows how much Photoshop changes women to appeal to an audience even though it’s fake.

Ads tell us who were are and who we should be and this is wrong.  Not only does this effect women’s self esteem but it also effects body issues and leads to eating disorders.  For example models are insanely skinny, but they are getting even skinner and skinner. One recent model, Carolina Reston died of anorexia at the weight of 88 pounds.

This is terrible and showing people that the goal of being skinny can kill us.  As women we are victims of ads.  We have to become aware and pay attention that this is effecting all of us and that there needs to be a change and stop such advertising that is taking over our lives to achieve a perfect image which doesn’t exist.

Jean Kilbourne’s film Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women had such an impact on me because I realized how much media is influencing women.  This is wrong, and giving such a negative aspect on how women are supposed to look.  Little girls are even getting these impressions to be extremely thin and hot and sexy this day and age, which is a whole other issue, which needs to be addressed as well.


Disney: The Most Wonderful Place In The World?

Being one of the largest media corporations, Disney has a huge impact in children’s lives all over the world.  Disney creates a fantasyland, which every child watching wants to somehow have, whether it be living in a castle or having special powers.  While children watch these Disney movies they see pretty princesses, men saving women, and what they aren’t necessarily exposed to in their life.  All these innocent messages can lead to misunderstandings to children and their perceptions on the imaginary world and the real world.  Disney is a powerful corporation that does more then give us entertainment it can shape our culture which is shown in Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power.

This documentary exposes the truths about Disney.  The movies made by Disney give a concept of ways both males and females areportrayed and how each of them get what they both want in the end from what they look like and act.  For example each princess whether it be Cinderella, Belle, or Arial gives a standard way how girls are similar in every Disney movie.  Each of these women is portrayed as being pretty with a slim body and with seductiveness that leads each to get the men they desire.  The men are always muscular and save each of these princesses and in the end are happily ever after together.  But is this even possible in real life?  The answer is no.

Even though girls look up to these princesses they are drilled in their head in order to get what they want they need to have the looks to do so or act in a way.  I think this is destroying a girls mind and giving them wrong intentions how they think they should be when they grow up.  Boys are also effected by watching these films because they see in order to get a good-looking girl you have to rescue them or save them and be powerful in a sense of athleticism.  Disney is putting in children’s minds the way that beauty is powerful and makes everything in the end happily ever after but when in reality this is not always true.  Disney is giving children subliminal messages, which are giving a sense that in order to get something they want they have to be a certain way like we see in most Disney movies.

Disney is what many children including myself grew up on.  It can shape how we grow up, think, and act rather then just entertaining us.  With all the power Disney has and its attraction to a young audience create fantasies that can’t be ignored.  After watching a Disney movie children want that happily ever after story.  However we have to realize not everything can end up like a fairy tail.  We can wish upon a star but it doesn’t necessarily mean your wish will be true.  Young audiences have to realize a fantasy world isn’t what it appears to be.  We have to think; can all these fantasies be possible in the real world?

Impossible Wasn’t Even The Word

Five missed calls, four unread text messages, and six unread bbms, that’s just a couple of hours of turning my blackberry off.  I couldn’t do it much longer; a whole day without my phone was torturous.  Lasting another day without it would be impossible.  I knew I was going crazy when I would hear my phone vibrating but it was off.  I just wanted to cry, I felt like a piece of me was missing.

Besides not using my phone, it was so hard for me not to encounter media.  Media are pervasive.  Even when I tried to avoid media I couldn’t, it was all around me.  When I was doing my homework I was actually being exposed to media by reading my textbooks and using the Internet to find my assignments.  You wouldn’t even realize how much media you consume until you actually analyze your day with and without it.

Media just shows up basically everywhere, even if you don’t want it to.  I tried not putting the television on, but when my roommate did, I would listen to it and sooner or later find myself watching it.  This is why I consider media addicting.  Even when I had to use the computer for my homework I somehow would end up on Facebook talking to my friends.   This shows how much I am addicted to media.  I couldn’t help myself, I felt like I had to go on, it was like me missing out something really important in life that I had to have.

Trying not to use media in this day in age is seriously impossible. Media are used everywhereyou wouldn’t even expect.  There is even involuntary exposure which media just basically pops up at you.  Walking around campus I saw all types of involuntary exposure of media informing me about homecoming and other activities on campus.  Even in the gym I caught my self listening to the radio and watching something random on the television in there while running.  This shows how media is all around us.

Not only does media make everything in our lives ten times easier but it also is fun to use and this is why I think everyone exposed to media is automatically addicted.  Once you realize how much media you actually are exposed to, you will find that you are addicted.  Media is a part of life that I don’t think anyone can live without now a days.  I know I couldn’t survive myself; I couldn’t even live without it for a day!